Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

1 Month Ago
"Owner and staff are AWESOME - Really great to work with. Property is clean with easy access in and out."
~len zagata
1 Month Ago
"Fair price, flexible staff, overall great experience."
~Claire Nuttall
2 Months Ago
"Very secure. Well maintained. Generous size parking spaces. Nice staff to work with. For those that want to complain about their rates, maybe you should park in an unsecured mud lot that you cannot access in the winter."
~Randall N
3 Months Ago
"Great facility & great prices! We needed a place to store our mini camper for the week winter."
~Annie Smith
3 Months Ago
"4 stars"
~Amy A
4 Months Ago
"The manager Suzanne is the sweetest person and so welcoming! The facilities are clean and spacious!"
~Krystal Petroff
5 Months Ago
"Super nice person (lady) in the office, everything ran smoothly and quickly to get my storage set up."
~Debbie Swanson
6 Months Ago
"Terrible experience. Code didn't work to the gate or building most if the time. Even thoygh account was current. During the year I have obly been able to get to my belongings twice. One was to move out."
~Michigan Watcher
6 Months Ago
"I WOULD NOT recommend. Expanded their storage facility to a location that the previous management kept up nicely, grated regularly and maintained. After assumption of management in the expanded lot, in an inexplicable and unexpected move, significantly increased rates with little announcement of the rate hike and with the unrealistically short expectation from customers to review their new lease and/or pay fees. With no adjustment period and defending this price gouging by saying they are comparable to "industry standards", sort of paints the bigger picture and tells me how out of touch they are with "good business practices" and quite frankly I feel opens the door to more price gouging. I easily and within a short period of time, found several locations scattered about the Wayne/Oakland counties that were 20 to 30% cheaper, equal to security and features, and much more conveniently located, in fact the further away from the metro area the less expensive. Bottom line...I think they are pricing themselves out of the market, and when I permanently removed my RV from the lot it was significantly less occupied than what is typical, telling me others felt exactly the same. In any event, I simply refuse to spend my money at a business that operates and treats its customers the way they do."
~G H
7 Months Ago
"Great facility! Clean, easy access and a super friendly staff. Online access makes it easy to manage your account. Highly recommend!"